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Promotion! FREE Poslaju when you order 3 or more cloth diapers!

Printed CD

Plain CD

Price: RM22/pc
Type: Snap button CD + 2 microfiber inserts
Design: Plain and printed CD (see below for images)
Material: PUL outer layer, Inner layer microfleece, 3 layers microfiber insert Size: S, M, L (could fit baby weight from 3kg to 13kg)
* With overlapped buttons for Newborn baby (recommended)


Price: RM8/pc
Babyland wetbag are the perfect way to store wet/soiled clothing, diapers, toiletries or swimsuit's while traveling and about!

Description: 29x30cm, can be put up to 4 cloth diapers, elastic closure
Colour available: Blue, Red, Yellow, Orange, Blue Swirly, Pink Swirly, Hello kitty, Creamy Rabbit, Green Tiger, All Star
Material: Waterproof PUL outer
Brand: Babyland


Microfibre Insert

Price: RM6/pc
Description of Microfiber inserts/liners:
1. Material: 3 layers; 100% microfiber terry towel, 80% polyester 20% polyamide. The size is 35x13cm; anti-bacterial and anti-allergenic
2. Super absorption, it is 5 times than normal material terry towel
3. It is easy to clear, washable, reusable, machine washable and dry able, and fast to dry
4. Can be use with all brand of pocket cloth diaper

Bamboo insert

Price : RM12/pc - SOLD OUT!
Description of bamboo inserts/liners:
1. Material: 5 layers, 2 layers 100% bamboo cloth, 3 layers 100% microfibre terry towel in the middle
2. Act as a booster with hypoallergenic and natural anti-bacterial factor. Great absorbent and is recommended for extra sensitive skin babies and heavy weaters.
3. Can be used as an insert for pocket diapers as well as can be lay on top of any diaper inner layer.
Hemp insert

Price RM13/pc - SOLD OUT!
Descriptions of hemp inserts/liners:
1. Material: These organic cotton/hemp-inserts (55% hemp, 45% cotton) are made from 3 layers of super soft, incredibly absorbent yet chemical free terry cloth.
2. They are thin and trim. Size 13cm X 36cm.
3. Anti-bacterial because of its dense fabric structure.
4. How to use :Must be put under microfibre insert inside the pocket. Has great absorbency, recommended for heavy weaters/overnight use.


Price: RM4/pc
Size: 40x50cm, can be fill up with 5-6 cloth diapers
Washing net to protect clothes from wear and tear on the washing machine.
Use laundry net to protect your cloth diapers materials and stitches thus can prolonged the durability of your cloth diapers.


Price: RM5/pc
Material: Anti Pill Fleece fabric (tidak berbulu apabila dibasuh berulang kali) .
Measurement :11.5 x 5 inches

1. Melindungi CD dari kotoran/najis yang sukar dihilangkan (prevent staining on CD).
2. Stay-dry liner-supaya punggung bayi sentiasa kering dan selesa jika CD basah, mencegah nappy rash (they allow wetness to pass through them, onto the CD, but not back again).
3. Di letak atas disposable diapers bagi mengelak direct contact punggung bayi dengan bahan kimia/gel dari disposable diapers.
4. Menjadi pelapik/liner atas CD jika guna nappy krim untuk mengelakkan krim dari terkena inner CD dan menyebabkan bocor (by decrease the chance of detergent build-up or cream residue (reduces odour retention!)

Sebelum guna, prewash dengan tangan/mesin basuh(guna laundry bag).
Basuhan: Buang najis kemudian cuci tangan lembut, elak menyental guna berus supaya liner tidak berbulu/herot.

1. Senang mencuci CD yang terkena najis/kotoran, hanya perlu mencuci liner ; menjimatkan masa, air dan tenaga.
2. Mudah dicuci dan cepat kering, hanya gosok lembut dgn tangan tanpa guna berus.
3. Sangat lembut dan selesa dipakai bayi, chemical free
4. Jimat, tidak perlu beli disposable nappy liner
5. Sangat bagus sbg Stay-dry liner bagi lampin kain dan prefold diapers(mudah basah) supaya punggung bayi tetap kering.
6. Mengurangkan jumlah penggunaan cloth diapers/disposable diapers, hanya perlu tukar nappy liner jika anak kencing sedikit


Pantyliner - RM7/pc- Product code: PL
Size:16.5 x 6.5cm (when snapped)
Material: Inner: Fleece
Insert: 1 layer microfiber
Waterproof: PUL
Outer: Cotton 100%

Regular pad - RM11/pc - Product code: RG
Size: 24.5 x 7.5cm (when snapped)
Material: Inner: Fleece
Insert: 2 layers microfiber
Waterproof: PUL
Outer: Cotton 100%

Overnight pad - RM13/pc - Product code: OV
Size: 29.5 x 9.5cm (when snapped)
Material: Inner: Fleece
Insert: 2 layers microfiber
Waterproof: PUL
Outer: 100% Cotton

1.Flowery violet
2. Bluish leopard 
3. Cheetah
4. Greyish blossom
5. Dark blue butterfly
6. Dark purple fall

Washing Instruction
1. First, rinse pad with cold water. Rub hand soap to remove stain immediately
2. Fold, snap up and store in wet bag (if you are away from home)
3. Soak in a small pail and add a few drops of vinegar (as disinfectant) and baking soda (or even salt) if stain persist.
4. Line dry recommended as sun is the best natural bleach disinfectant to our clothing.

1. Pre wash minimum 2 times before use to aids absorption
2. Use only cold water as hot water sets blood stain on pad
3. No bleach or softener to prevent built up on surface
4. Hand wash for longer lasting pad
5. Change frequently
6. No ironing

Why use cloth pads?

Health concern
- Chemical-free- No harmful DIOXIN (a chemical radioactive waste use in bleaching process for whiteness in disposable pads/diapers) which has shown to cause infertility and cancer.
- Great for sensitive skin and allergy- cloth pad is made up from organic cotton fabric, does not contain chemical which usually cause vaginal irritation, burning, itching, and infection.
- Odourless- because of its breathability and no chemical interact with the menstrual blood, no unpleasant odour is produced. Menstrual blood alone are sterile and not smelly at all.

Environment- friendly
- Cloth pad do not contribute to landfill as they are reusable up to 5 years.
- Easily biodegradable and decompose within 1-5 years.
- Helped in the greener earth by saving the tree, less destructive to our environment.

Comfortable and attractive designs
- Cloth pads always stays in shape and fits perfectly close to the body
- Breathable cotton fabric with superb absorbency make you feels dry
- NO glue to stay put the underwear
- Comes in attractive colors and prints and lush fabrics to put a smile on your face.

Economy in long run(last for up to 5 years)

If use disposable pads:
Regular (wing)- 20-25 pads per cycle
Panty liner - 20pcs/pack
RM20 / month
RM20 x 12= RM240 / year
RM240 x 5= RM1200 / 5 years

If use cloth pads (start-up package):
2 panty liners RM10 x 2= RM20
4 regular/day pads RM14 x 4= RM56
2 heavy flow/night pads RM18 x 2= RM36

Total RM112 ( you saved RM1088 )

- Cloth pads do not require you to keep on buying sanitary pads every so often
- Save your precious money and make the world greener with this wise investment!

Few Important FAQ about cloth pads:

How long does cloth pads last in a day?
It depends on individual menses flow. On normal menses flow, cloth pads usually lasts approximately 3-4 hours. This period is shorten to~2 hours during heavy flow, change as frequent as you would usually do with disposable pads.
How long does a cloth pads last?
Generally, a cloth pads can last up to 3-5 years or more. This depends on the ways and how you take care of it. It is important for you to know that cloth pads will not stay new look after frequent washing. This is because of the nature of Cotton Flannel Fabric will get less new look after wash. However this does not interrupt its function and performance of the cloth pads.


Price: RM12/pack
(3 pairs + free small laundry net)
*Design will randomly send- 3 pairs with 3 different design

The advantages of Baby-Oz Washable Breastpad are :
1. Equipped with microfleece layer that keeps breast dry
2. Comfortable, soft and gentle to skin
3. High absorption and breathable cotton for good air circulation
4. Economical and environmental friendly
5. Help to prevent the bacteria and fungi infection of the skin as a result of moisture environment of the breast
6. Made up of 4 layers- inner microfleece, 2 layers microfibre, PUL layer as waterproof and outer layer cotton
7. Perfect fit for all bra sizes, not bulky. Breastfeeding mothers still looks attractive and confident when breastfeeding!!

Washing instruction:
1. Soak washable breastpad into the small pail of water
2. Use mild detergent to wash, soak for 5-15min(avoid bleach and softener)
3. Rinse with running tap water to prevent build-up residue
4. Washing machine dry/line dry under direct sunlight

1. Wash breast pads before first use
2. Change breast pads frequently for hygeine purpose


Price: RM17-RM20/pc
Educate your child with this attractive and bright color pillow book.
1. Made from non-toxic high quality soft fiber material.
2. Safe, uneasily torn and comfortable for your baby to play and learn @ may be used as a pillow.
3. It is washable and durable as well.
4. Can enhance babies language development and promote a good reading habit among your child.
5. Language: English, Malay or Arabic.



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